Australian curriculum school in Singapore: A pathway to guidance

The international schools are generally future-oriented and focus on sustainability and leadership. Singapore is no exception. Few  australian curriculum school in singapore provide high-quality knowledge and prepare the students based on the international guidebook.

australian curriculum school in singapore


The Integrated International School in Singapore

The boutique International School in Singapore is about embracing individuality and encouraging uniqueness. It provides a tailored syllabus based on the Australian curriculum and takes an individualized approach to education to ensure everyone – parents and students feel heard. Their goal is to break the mold and redefine notions of success. They aim to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that makes the students feel at home.

Their Programmes –

  1. The Australian curriculum is one of the selected few which recognizes that each child is different, and the curriculum is designed to be flexible.
  2. It provides leeway for educators to develop customized programs to accommodate each student while challenging them to achieve more.
  3. The curriculum has helped children establish a solid foundation in understanding, skills, and values.
  4. For students who rolled in the enrichment programs (4 to 6 years) up to grade 10, the curriculum covers fundamental subjects such as Maths, English, Science topic of inquiry, Creative arts, personal development, health, and physical education.

As a part of the curriculum, the Integrated International School (IIS) examinations are conducted in grades 3,5,7, and 9. Additionally, of the students who complete the Enrichment Programmes, those in grade 6 and grade 10 are provided a certificate of completion.

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