Gold dog tags are stylish military style accessories that have become popular fashion accessories. It is also popular and popular with coconut clothing, offering its customers a range of camouflage prints and transport pants. The golden markers of dogs are often used and inhabited by teenagers who wish to cultivate a difficult image. Shortly after, the image was sponsored and carried by the most famous films, sports, politics and other popular forms of entertainment and gold chains for pit bulls also. Labels can be engraved personal data of people, quotes, proverbs, mime, love name and more to create a more personal look.

Gold Dog Tag Jewelry

Trademarks are usually associated with military personnel, serving as identification or identification for soldiers. They have the last and first name of the wearer and his SSS and other basic details. These details are engraved or engraved on oval metal parts and are in a metal chain and can be used as a collar. The shapes and designs of dog tags are standardized for the US Army, its aviation, and navy. The soldiers entrusted them on December 20, 1906, with the order number. 204th

The term gold dog tags are marked with codes that are used for dogs and other animals that are usually worn at home collars to determine who their owners are in case of loss. These labels are printed in silver or gold, which have an oval or oval shape. The recorded characters were fixed and of limited size, because the machine was used to make letters in letters and unevenly.

Unlike army or fleet officials, dog tags used by citizens, pets, and gold chains for pit bulls come in a variety of styles and designs to customized users. Some of the common materials are plastic and colored metal alloys. Instead of stamping, the new technology used to dig the design to mark a dog, you can choose from different choices such as red, orange, pink, purple and more for holographic silver. To add more styles, you can wear it with white foam to serve as an eye.


Dog-shaped shapes are no longer limited to ovals; they can be formed into countless shapes. For example, your dog may look like their paws or brand dogs, which may contain information about the dog. Adolescents can be adapted to a variety of forms that can reflect their interests and mood and take the form of the skull or something to imagine.