Essential digital marketing tools for small business growth

Time Clock software

In this article, you can find a list of five Time Clock Wizard basic tools for small businesses to save time and avoid competition.

  1. Google Adwords Editor is a free digital marketing tool for small business owners who participate in an AdWords campaign but are frustrated by massive changes. You can easily download to your Mac or Windows computer to quickly make massive changes, import and export campaign changes, move / copy items, view statistics and work offline.
  1. Google Analytics is another basic tool that your small business can rely on for important data related to search engines that you can use to improve many aspects of your digital marketing campaign. It is a free platform available online that allows its users to better understand the functionality of the website and the customer search template.

Time Clock software

  1. Hootsuite: This tool for managing social networks, as you know, provides an overview of your activity on social networks (weekly, biweekly, monthly or more) in matrix form. After creating a login, Hootsuite can be used to comment, post, continue and plan activities on social networks for any period of time at a time.
  1. Mailchimp is a frequently used digital platform to prepare, send and carry out email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp ensures that your small business will stay in touch and classify your consumer lists, create automated emails for greater efficiency and determine the results with full reports for greater success.
  1. is an ideal tool to optimize and reduce the URL of your website in a digital campaign, which will lead to an increase in aesthetics and an increase in the number of clicks.

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