Choose a house of the right dimension

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Seeing big is not necessarily a winner. Recent research shows that people are happier in spaces that fit their needs. That is why the dimension of your house should be in your priority. Click here to know about mount agung.

Dimension is vital

With the increase in the price of real estate, people give less importance to dimensions and prefer homes that meet their needs. They stopped seeing the bigger picture. Rather than considering the number of square feet, they should be looking for a well-appointed home that will improve their quality of life. Visit this site to know about mount agung.

Create utility spaces

A study from the University of California in Los Angeles analyzed how 32 families lived in their homes and showed that they lived on a regular basis only 400 ft 2 in 1000. Before renovating or moving, note for two weeks in which rooms your family members spend the most time.

This is the kind of information that can be helpful if you are planning to decorate, renovate or buy a house. If there is no move in sight, turn an unused section of your bedroom into an office or storage space. Enlarge the kitchen by encroaching on the dining room you use little.

By planning extensions for clients, little extra space is needed to add a room or office that will make a difference. For occasional use, extendable tables, chairs and rollaway beds are available. Investing in good furniture is cheaper than moving or renovating your home.

bali villasA custom home

To optimize your home, we advise you to evaluate the space you need, as well as your values. Decisions should be made based on what you need to be happy and successful, both as an individual and for your family.

Maybe by living in a smaller urban home you will do more cultural activities; children will always be able to sleep on an inflatable mattress when they come to visit. Maybe a condo will suffice and will allow you to travel more often. A large house may be worth the investment if you are building the basement to accommodate an elderly parent or university student.

At the end of the day, to find the size that suits us, we sometimes have to give up preconceived ideas. Some people are aware that they do not use all the space at their disposal, but they cling to their social status.

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