Singapore office interior design

An office or a work place needs to be disciplined and organised. There are lots of components in an office, right from the reception area, work area, meeting area, breakout or lunch area and some offices may have recreational areas too. The ambience you provide in your office affects greatly on your work quality, motivation of the people etc. There are several cool ideas for Singapore office interior design which will make optimal use of your office space and give it a lively ambience.

What are the components of office furniture:

Singapore office interior design

  • Partition Walls: Partition walls are an important component that can segregate your office room. It helps to create multiple rooms and cabins within a room. You can use materials like steel, metals, aluminium, glass and wood for partition. The walls can cover up the entire height or partial.
  • Equipped Walls: Equipped walls can be created with racks, circuits, book shelves or work stations. This can be used to create partitions or work stations within a room, allowing all employees their small personal space within the office.
  • Doors: Fancy and organised door system can add to the beauty and ambience of your office. You can choose from a variety of materials that suits your office environment.
  • Office Furniture: This includes chairs, computer tables, water stands etc that is part of the office.
  • Common Areas Furniture: This includes sofa, recreational items, gym equipments as per the needs of the office.
  • Bespoke Hardware and Handles: These are small accessories that add finishing touch to the office. These may be small but leave a big impact on the look of the office.

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