Watching movies is the most commonpastime. Everybody has been inside a movie theatreat least once. Whether you like it or not is your own preference. Sometimes, it is better to go out into the theatres and watch your favorite movies. But once you sit inside a movie theatre, there are some basic etiquettes that you need to follow. Some of the important do’s have been discussed below. Following these points will help you and also the people sitting beside you, to sit and enjoy the show.

Reach Early

If you have decided to go to a movie theatre, try to reach the theatre before the start of the movie. Try reaching at least 30 minutes early if you have not booked the movie tickets yet. But if you have already booked the tickets online, you can reach the theatre about 10 minutes early. Reaching early will give you sufficient time to buy snacks and you can also choose the seats according to your choice if the theatre allows. Moreover, reaching the theatre late looks embarrassing. Also, missing the start of the movie is in itself very disappointing. Reaching early will cause you no harm but reaching late will do no good too.


Invite friends

Watching a movie alone can be very boring and dull no matter how good the movie is. You should invite your friends to a movie together. You will have many friends who have the same taste in movies as you do; inviting them would be a very good idea. Inviting a friend will give you company and you will not die of boredomas long as you have someone to talk to. Moreover, after you leavethe theatre, you can discuss the film, what you like or didn’t like. Many people like to discuss movies as soon as they see it as the plot is still fresh in their head.


Watching a movie can refresh your mind and you might uplift your spirits. In case you do not like going out much or if you are too tired to go out, you can watch free movies online. They are better if you want to lie back in the comfort of your own home and watch the movie. There are large numbers of websites from where you can download both the old movies as well as the newly released films. This can also save you time and money but may not give you the feeling that you get in a movie theatre.

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