ubud family accommodation

In all personal travels, the choice of accommodation is a very important part of the planning process. People try not to travel in group packages when explore ubud, they usually lead me to cashew factories, gem dealers and bird-nest restaurants, none of which you like. They also often place me in hotels, which are crowded and fairly used by groups of travelers brought by travel agencies.

Tubud family accommodationhe Internet is my best sources for travel planning, people get great deals on hotels

  1. Transportation and local locations, as well as very good information such as comments and recommendations from other travelers. As for the location, people would try not to be on the main streets, in the entertainment zone (playing music at night is not fun and not seeing men gathering women with small clothes), lighting up nearby buildings (which is quite common)
  2. Price: a very important factor, some sites offer very good discounts, here are some that are recommended, ubud Travel,ubudHotels, ubud Best Hotel, PYO Travel.Ubud travel has been the most reliable and hassle-free free online payment ever. For certain trips around the country there are other sites, some local, which offer the best discounts.


Also, go out, explore and have fun! ubud family accommodation is important, but do not stay indoors and explore the walls of the rooms when you travel. It should be just a place for a relaxing holiday in preparation for the next day’s exciting trip.

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